Getting Started

SimLN helps you simulate lightning payments on any regtest or signet network.

You will need:

  • A lightning network with open channels.

  • Access to execute gRPC commands on network nodes.

  • The Rust compiler installed.

If you need help setting up a test network, we suggest Polar for beginners or Scaling Lightning for larger deployments.

How to Use

  • Clone repo and install sim-cli
  • Provide access to nodes via simulation parameters json file.
  • Define your desired activity
  • Run the simulation!

See our installation instructions on GitHub to get started!

Get in Touch

Having problems running sim-ln?

Get in touch with us on our setup debugging thread!

Found a bug or want a feature?

Please feel free to open up an issue with bug reports or feature requests.

Want to contribute to the project?

If you'd like to contribute code, maintenance help or documentation to the project but you're not sure where to start, reach out on our contribution discussion thread